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Viloan: recent days to enjoy the personal loan at 0.80% fixed APR

Good news, the flagship Viloan offer is still relevant. Until 16 June 2019, the credit agency offers its personal loan APR fixed rate of 0.80%. Promotion only valid for 12 months. Must enjoy without hesitation? Terms and advice to apply corresponding to the project.

Smart Days Viloan: the personal loan at 0.80% fixed APR

Credit organizations keep pushing the limits, posting ever lower rates. Viloan is never the last when it comes to entering the court of low rates. Illustration with the specialist’s flagship offer, on his personal loan for all projects.

Conditions of the offer

  • Amount: $ 8000 to $ 10,000
  • Duration: 12 months only
  • Rate: 0.80% fixed APR
  • Validity: June 16, 2019

High monthly payments

This promotion is not accessible to the greatest number, due to very high monthly payments. The rate is certainly insignificant, but it must still have the means to repay the loan each month, for a year. Now here’s what looks like a 8000 USD credit simulation on 12 months 0.80% Fixed APR:

It will pay $ 669.55 per month, a sum greater than the average rent * French, opting for a $ 8,000 credit on 12 months. This sum will explode the debt ratio of a good part of consumers, and will lead to a refused credit. Individuals or households with high incomes, on the other hand, have every interest in making a request.

What alternative in case of refused credit?

What alternative in case of refused credit?

As we have seen, this promotion is interesting but reserved for a small sample of borrowers. Viloan rates are fortunately competitive (see Opinion Viloan) on most credit amounts and durations. Two alternatives are possible in this case:

  • Opt for higher monthly payments, accepting that the APR rate increases.
  • Apply for revolving credit, for an amount less than 6000 USD. This type of credit is easier to obtain than a personal loan, but it is also much more expensive. So be careful at the APR offered rate notes.