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Personal credit: where to find the best rate?

Personal credit allows you to obtain a sum of money without having to justify yourself about its use. We will compare the personal loan solutions , in order to identify, on the basis of the APR rate, the cheapest formulas.

Personal credit at the best rate, where to find it?

Personal credit at the best rate, where to find it?

To find the best personal credit rate, we regularly survey all of the largest financial organizations. The cheapest personal credit of a day may not be that of the next day, depending on the evolution of the rates practiced by the organizations and the different promotional periods.

This consumer credit product is in great demand, especially since it is generally a consumer credit without proof. Its rates vary in particular according to:

  • Duration: from 12 months to 84 months (see 120 months for the repurchase of personal credit)
  • The amount: from $ 500 to $ 40,000 (or even more for car credit and buy-back)
  • The project: personal loan, used car loan, new car loan, work credit, buyout

We have developed an exclusive questionnaire. It not only allows you to obtain the tailor-made ranking of the 3 best personal credit offers online , but also to increase the chances of obtaining the best rate actually accepted.

 The principle is simple: a simple questionnaire displays the classification of the best APR rates corresponding to the request. The organization offering the best offer provides an immediate response. When the percentage of acceptability is greater than 50%, the request is accepted. The organization will then return by email within 24 hours with a confirmation and a contract without obligation. In the event of a request being studied, the following two organizations can be queried with a single click.

Compare personal credit

Compare personal credit

We are one of the only credit comparators to base our ranking on the APR rate. Most of our competitors do not even get bored of ranking on this legal rate. They offer you an online personal loan ranking giving the impression of a logical hierarchy, but in reality, it is not based on the APR rate. Our ranking is based on this rate because it is the only way to actually offer the cheapest loan. This rate is a legal reference: all credit organizations must communicate it on their simulations or loan offers.

On the other hand, the fixed APR includes all the costs of a personal loan. That is to say that it takes into account the interests but also the ancillary costs such as the administrative costs if there are any.

Personal credit simulation

We played with our credit comparator to carry out a personal credit simulation. Take for example an 8000 USD loan over 36 months.


Comparison of personal loan rates $ 8,000 over 36 months
Fixed APR rate
Monthly fees
Total cost of credit
Organization n ° 1 of our comparator
233.54 $
407.44 $
Organization n ° 2 of our comparator
241.84 $
706.24 $
Organization n ° 3 of our comparator
241.94 $
709.84 $


The same personal credit is almost twice as expensive between the best online specialist and the third, which is just as well known. That’s the point of carrying out a personal credit simulation before signing anything.

Reminder: the choice of personal credit is represented by “personal loan”, “loan for all projects” or “cash requirement” on our comparator. The amount must also be greater than $ 4,000. Any request below $ 4,000 indeed offers the best revolving credit solutions.

Choosing the right personal loan

Choosing the right personal loan

There are different personal credit solutions: personal loan, car loan, work loan, revolving credit and loan repurchase. Each has its specificities, its advantages and disadvantages. This is what we are going to review.

Personal credit, or personal loan

The personal loan is the most answered credit among the amortizable loans. This credit can cover all types of needs. It is generally offered from an amount of 3000 USD and up to 75,000 USD. The proposed durations range from 12 months to 84 months, although most requests are limited to 60 (5 years).

This personal credit is defined for a fixed duration and a specific amount. This implies that there can be no unpleasant surprises during the repayment, unless you request an adjustment of the monthly payments or repay part of the credit in advance *. Once the repayment is made, your loan ends. The repurchase of credits, the car loan and work loan work in the same way, not the revolving credit.

Another important element is a personal loan without proof of use of funds. This credit stands out on this aspect of the car loan or the work loan, which require proof.

* Repaying a personal loan partly in advance leads to a reduction in interest. However, the action can in some cases be invoiced.

The car loan: one of the cheapest personal loans

Auto credit works almost the same way as personal credit. The major difference is that the rates of personal credit without proof is slightly higher than that of car credit.

On the other hand, car credit involves justifying yourself with a purchase order. The supporting document is in this case an order form. It is in addition to the “classic” supporting documents to be provided for the opening of a personal credit, namely:

  • proof of identity
  • proof of address
  • proof of income
  • last imposition opinion
  • latest bank statement
  • Bank details

The car loan is a little cheaper than the personal loan because the credit agencies can come to seize your car in the event of default on the personal credit. In this case, they control the resale value of the car. When it is impossible to obtain a purchase order, as in the case of a purchase from an individual, it is necessary to turn to a personal loan without proof.

Work loan: a cheap personal loan

The work loan works just like the car loan. The rates are a little cheaper than the personal loan but you will have to provide proof of your work to obtain the opening of your credit. This is not about the zero rate loan.

Personal credit repurchase

The repurchase of credits is an operation which consists in gathering all the credits already held in only one. It even allows you to integrate a mortgage. The objective of this product is to lower the monthly payment of credit repaid every month.

Revolving credit: personal credit for small amounts

Revolving credit has long been criticized. It still is a little. However, the law today allows the same personal credit rates to be applied between amortisable loans and revolving credit. In practice, credit rates are cheaper for a personal loan as soon as you borrow more than 3000 USD.

If you want to borrow less than 3000 USD, revolving credit is the cheapest personal credit. It is even very often cheaper than bank overdraft. The rates remain around 15% revisable APR but you have the flexibility to be able to repay in advance without penalty, this can greatly reduce the cost of credit.

This product is made for short-term cash management but should not be used for financing of more than 3000 USD according to us.

Revolving credit is best known for its form of credit card. This is again a form of personal credit generally distributed by the big brands. To name only the best known, this is for example the case of the Aurore card, the 4-star card or the Darty card.

Who offers personal credit?

Who offers personal credit?

There are several forms of personal credit distribution. The best known is that of large credit organizations such as Bankate or Bank Acuma. These organizations mainly offer their customers the opportunity to come and apply for credit online on their websites.

Then there are the specialized organizations which are the merger between these credit organizations and the major private labels. For example, to offer personal credit to BUT, Cetelem and BUT agreed to create the FIDEM business. And it is the same for Viloan and Astro finance who agreed to create Credither.

There are other distributors who have created their own financial organizations. This is for example the case of car manufacturers. 

Finally, there are also obviously the banks which offer personal credit. It is often much less competitive in terms of rates than with specialized organizations. Banks are also struggling to offer quick personal credit : their processing times are longer than those of organizations specializing in the field.

Personal loan at very low rates, good plan or not?

Personal loan at very low rates, good plan or not?

Finding a rate at 1% fixed APR or less on a personal loan is entirely possible. On the other hand, this type of rate is almost always offered over 12-month periods. In other words, to be able to benefit from it, you must be able to repay very large monthly payments.

These are mainly commercial offers, not the rates actually offered to the greatest number. By applying for a 10,000 USD loan, you will have to be able to repay more than 800 USD per month without exploding your debt. This is difficult to imagine for 95% of French people. The best way to obtain a loan adapted to your financial situation and easy to repay is to carry out a simulation on a comparator with immediate response.